Over the years the availability of digital content, from spreadsheets to wedding videos has gone through the roof. More digital content is produced today than at any other point in history and the file formats are becoming ever more detailed, meaning the files are actually getting bigger in size too.

Do you know what data your company is storing on it’s servers, what data it’s backing up into it’s archives? Do you know how much that data is costing you to store, save and restore? How about your backup routine, do you know that it’s backing up the data you actually should be backing up and not the information it shouldn’t?

The chances are “no” is the answer to at least some of those questions. DART is here to assist you track down, analyse, report and manage that information.

Simple things like being able to house-keep your data, define and report on departmental polices, be able to report on your corporate acceptable usage policy adherence are all possible using DART.