Data Protection

Employing some of the industries most experienced Spectrum Protect ™ professionals means we are confidently positioned to provide the very best solutions using the worlds foremost multi-platform backup/archive/restore suite of applications.

IBM Spectrum Protect Suite is the premier solution for all your data backup/reuse/compliance requirements. Don’t just take our word for it, read more

Spectrum Protect (previously known as Tivoli Storage Manager – TSM) has been around in 1 shape or another since around 1992 and was (and still is) the only enterprise class backup/recovery tool that works on everything from a mainframe down to a laptop and everything physical and virtual in-between. If your organisation has physical servers and needs to consolidate onto a single software suite that will serve both today and tomorrow, Spectrum Protect suite is the only time-served, industry proven option.

Spectrum Protect Suite isn’t just about legacy hardware, it has over the last 30 or so years evolved and morphed into an ultra modern collection of integrated tools facilitating conventional, hybrid cloud and full cloud implementations. All the way from initial data ingest up to full and comprehensive data scanning, automatically classifying data, Spectrum Protect Suite is your only 1 stop shop for complete data management.